mattymatt (zxkuqyb) wrote,

ich heisse super fantastisch

weekends are way too short. I needed to get my lawn mowed, but the rain kept me from it all weekend. I'm afraid the neighbors are going to form a lynch mob. My grass is at least knee high, and those nuts mow the park across the street because the city doesn't do it often enough for their liking!
Microsoft is expanding in our building, and so there is now all this construction noise. The project manager for the job stopped by today to say that they ought to be done by mid October. woo-hoo! My boss chewed me out for coming in at our agreed time last week. At least I thought it was agreed - he says it was a miscommunication. I knew getting to "work" the first two hours every day from home was too good to be true. We're supposed to talk about it on Wednesday; maybe I'll get those hours back, but I doubt it. At least I didn't get any slack for taking an extended lunch last friday to dine with skwyrm_zen. (It was really, really good to see him!)
If Mera gets any cuter, I don't think there will be anything left of her, for I will have hugged her to smithereenes. I've got her trained now so that when I ask, "who's the best one?", she throws her hands up in the air and yells, "da-da!" Well, sometimes, anyway. We're working on it...
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