mattymatt (zxkuqyb) wrote,

breakout and steroids

Three Mondays ago I was trying to prune back some of the Lugundrum behind my house, and came across these vines that spanned three or four plants. I cut a lot of them out and pulled them to the road to be picked up by the city. The following Saturday I pulled out some more and then preceded to mow the yard. Once I started getting blisters and itching last Monday, I finally did a bit of looking around on the 'net to find they were poison ivy vines!!! By Wednesday it had broken out on both arms and the left side of my stomach, and by the time I got to the doctor on Thursday, it was to places better left unmentioned, not to mention my chin, neck, and my right eye was half swollen shut.

But man that prednisone kicks in quick. With my adverse appearance, I had no problem getting half of Thursday and all of Friday off. That, combined with the holiday made for a nice vacation, complete with lots of Mera goodness and no yard work. I got to sleep on the couch (for fear of contamination), and after taking Clarinex, or whatever it was they gave me, I got the best sleep I've had in at least a year. It was a very surreal experience, and all in all, it could have been a lot worse.

By Saturday I was ready to vacate the couch, which was timed well, for sammic threw her back out something fierce, and needed to occupy it. The addition of her parents heating pad has helped; hopefully she will be back to normal soon.

Next week, I'm being sent to Nashville, TN for some training on SharePoint Portal Server. You can imagine how much fun that will be. I have tried talking everyone, from my Mother-in-law to my best friend in Germany, into going with me, but I have no takers. I don't even know if I get to rent a car, so I may not even see any of the city. I was looking forward to not getting kicked in the side all night, but now I think I'd even prefer that to being stuck by myself for five days.

But I digress. Check out pootie-hootie:
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