mattymatt (zxkuqyb) wrote,

death and NPR

From Kindergarten to second grade I went to a small private school and saw twelfth graders everyday. I remember being astounded at how infinitely far away twelfth grade was. It was unfathomable, but soon that feeling faded and obviously no longer applies. I have now passed that milestone with regards to death, for it actually scared me the other day. Retirement, Net Worth, and Life Insurance take on new meanings, while at the same time becoming completely laughable. I'm sure this is only the beginning of comprehending one's own mortality.
NPR, on the other hand, becomes more and more entertaining. On the roof, we used to listen to World News from the BBC in the morning, and maybe to a little of Dick Gordan, but only since taking this office job and commuting almost two hours a day (or more, if church gets involved)have I been exposed to much more interesting parts of their programming. I heard my first April Fool's Day story, and I thought it was awesome. Bluegrass on Friday nights is great. Prairie Home Companion makes me think of Andy Damick and feel very white. And last weekend I went to the grocery store, and they were airing an phone conversation with Jello Biafra. who knew?

I haven't missed church because of a hangover in, well, at least a year. Saturday night's performance was quite an experience - and a brief jaunt back into the world of "nightlife" was throughly enjoyable, if not ill advised.
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